About us

Height Specialists Middle East was founded in 2014 by both regional and global specialists to deliver quality Inspection, Repair and Maintenance services to a variety of industries at the highest quality of delivery and safety.

One of the leading companies

Since the establishment in 2014 in the UAE, Height Specialists has progressively grown to become better known and respected as one of the leading companies in the region in the provision of Rope Access solutions to clients in multiple industries and sectors. We offer practical and efficient solutions for work at height and difficult to access locations. Thanks to our professional and personal approach, Height Specialists has grown into a reliable partner with an all-round package of services.

When Rope Access techniques are applied, locations at height which are otherwise difficult to access are reached faster and safer. Additionally, the impact on other operations is kept to a minimum. Height Specialists offers its clients these advantages by using unconventional working methods. In all services offered by Height Specialists, safety and expert knowledge are key.

We are AN IRATA member

A structured approach and open communication ensure a qualitative and successful completion of every project. Height Specialists is an IRATA (probationary) member company that works according to internationally accepted IRATA specifications. We can also advise clients regarding working methods and choices of materials for work at heights.

Height Specialists is proud of its clients and customers in all industries including, but not limited to, Facilities Management, Construction, Geotechnical, Advertising and Events, Industrial, Marine and Oil and Gas. We are consistently seeking out partner companies, clients and suppliers, with the same set of values that are focused on Safety, Health, Environment, Trust, Respect and Quality of Service.

Key Messaging


Seeing solutions where others see challenges.


With our team of driven specialists, we deliver safe, efficient and cost effective solutions.


We are building a clear and unambiguous structure in which we are open to criticism and take a critical look at our environment.


Sander Louwrier

Managing Director

As Managing Director of Height Specialists, I bring my 27year depth of experience in rope access, business management, and ownership to the company. I have built successful teams worldwide and support the growth of every individual in every business no matter what position they fulfill. I am compassionate in nature and believe that there is no success unless everyone succeeds.

Fred Marshall

General Manager

Currently the General Manager of Height Specialists and a Civil Engineer by training, Fred has been part of the rope access industry since 2007 and specifically in the UAE since 2008. He has been involved with startups and market leaders in the industry and believes that his experience provides a tried and tested approach to problem-solving for our clients.

Jeffrey Dalida

Technical Sales Manager

As a mechanical engineering graduate and with 15 years of experience in the Rope Access industry in the UAE, Jeff applies his skills as the Technical Sales Manager of Height Specialists. His strength is in finding solutions for our clients, tailored to their specific challenges. He treats everyone as a partner to our business where we always work towards a mutually beneficial outcome. He believes that Longevity in all relationships is key to our success.


Office Manager

As Office Manager for Height Specialists and a graduate in Communication Arts, Vanessa manages all the administrative tasks and regular client communication for the company. Her dedicated and holistic approach to the administrative tasks of the company creates an environment where clients and suppliers alike are provided with good, clear, and timely information when they need it to assure a seamless decision-making process.

Core values


Safety is our key priority in which everyone feels safe enough to feel vulnerable.


It is vital to know that we work with full transparency and are able to trust each other to deliver work of the highest of standard.


Client, customer, employee or supplier, our reliability and honesty are our strengths.


We at Height Specialists believe in full accountability for our work and actions. This is something we teach and carry through all aspects of our business.


We see ourselves and our clients and suppliers not as organizations, but as the sum total of the people that make up those organizations, and we treat all people at every level with unlimited compassion.


Safety is our key priority in which everyone feels safe enough to feel vulnerable.


Safety First. Working safely is a necessity for the existence of Height Specialists. Not only during the execution of our work but also within the organization we strive to create a safe climate in which everyone feels safe enough to be vulnerable.

Stop Work Authorization

Ensuring the safety of our employees, our clients and suppliers and the general public is our priority, which means that safety takes precedence over ALL.

Therefore, I expect you to:

  • Respect the rules and procedures and follow the instructions
  • Intervene when people are at risk – A “Do Walk By!” Attitude
  • Respect each other and the environment

If it doesn’t feel right STOP work directly. There will never be sanctions for stopping unsafe work or for disclosing danger or injury.


Rope access

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Working method

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